Waste Avoidance

SWS support our clients in reducing waste generation and keeping materials circulating within the economy. To meet this challenge, SWS are active in the promotion and development of Waste Avoidance strategies.

The waste hierarchy can be summarised as:

  1. Avoidance – including action to reduce the amount of waste generated by households, industry and all levels of government
  2. Resource Recovery – including re-use, recycling, reprocessing and energy recovery, consistent with the most efficient use of the recovered resources
  3. Disposal – including management of all disposal options in the most environmentally responsible manner.

SWS are willing to work with our clients to establish Waste Avoidance Strategies such as:

  • Simply avoiding the production of waste
  • Slight modifications of procedures and/or altering procurement practices improving efficiencies in utilising resources, leading to a reduction in the amount of waste produced.
  • Reassessing measures by which production and consumption processes are caused to generate less (or no waste), or to generate only those wastes that can be treated without causing problems to the environment.
  • Reducing waste generation and keeping materials circulating within the economy
  • Encouraging the most efficient use of resources and to reduce environmental harm in accordance with the principles of ecologically sustainable development.