Mission & Values

“How can SWS help YOU manage your waste and recycling?”

SWS embrace the philosophy and objective of a balanced business to business relationship.  Long term relationships allow SWS to invest in infrastructure and innovative solutions.  We acknowledge the minimum expectation for clients is to deliver on the scope of services committed.  Our commitment is to ensure both parties are working collaboratively and equally on the best outcomes for all parties.

SWS will support the client in industry best practice through:

  • Transparency in the delivery of the solutions required
  • Continuous improvement in resource recovery outcomes and opportunities
  • Relationship building between SWS and your business for a clearer communication channel
  • Understanding of the methodology behind the commercial operation of your business

Our goal for strong customer relations encourages the necessary investment in IT, technology, plant, equipment, resources and services with confidence of a return on that financial investment.

That confidence translates into SWS honouring and initiating our commitment to:

  • Innovation through Smart Technology supporting equipment, collection services and frontline staff
  • Innovation through management of reporting and monitoring
  • Training (Not Just Education) developing initiatives in Waste Avoidance
  • Better practices for diversion of food organics from landfill
  • Dedicated Account Management including Key Account, Administrative and Operational Staff

The above commitment to investment is based a visionary approach in anticipation all innovation and initiatives will influence, develop and become a key contributor to the growth of SWS both operationally and sustainably. This will provide the necessary foundation for SWS to be on the forefront of continuous improvement throughout lifetime of our relationship.