Bin Trim Program
Sydney Waste (SWS) are excited to announce that Bin Trim will be returning for its fourth round in 2020-21! The Bin Trim Program helps businesses identify and implement changes to improve their waste management practices.

The program provides:

  • Free waste assessments to small, medium and large businesses to improve waste and recycling
  • Access to expert waste assessors who develop tailored waste action plans for your business
  • Freewaste and recycling signage to divert waste from landfill and increase recycling
  • A chance to participate in the Bin Trim Rebates program and secure up to $50,000 in funding for eligible recycling equipment
  • Now accessible to businesses with up to 400 employees per site

SWS in partnership with MRA Consulting are managing a project with a particular focus on your industry.

NSW businesses send more than 1.8 million tonnes of business waste to landfill each year. From cardboard, paper and plastic through to food waste – so much of this ends up in the general waste bin, when in in fact more than 70 per cent of this could be reused or recycled.

We invite you to register your interest by emailing An SWS assessor will then contact you to schedule an assessment.