Disinfection Cleaning Services
Specialised Disinfection Cleaning Services

Sydney Waste Service (SWS) encourage and invite our valued clients to engage our professional Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) solutions, including the specialised disinfection cleaning services for social contact environments. The IPC solution is available to ALL SWS clients to mitigate risk for your organisation.

Using high-grade disinfectants that kill and prevent the spread of viruses our team of highly trained professionals approach each job as a mission. Our Fogging Disinfection machines turn the disinfectant into a fine mist ensuring exceptional surface coverage. An ultimate defence against germs and airborne pathogens on surfaces, mitigating the risk of infection. We can tailor a service that caters to all your business needs.

SWS support our clients IPC through providing alcohol-based hand sanitiser stations and signage that promote general hygiene standards. Together with supply of other IPC products SWS can provide a solution for your business offering a complete sanitisation service for your open spaces and commercial areas.

Keep your workplace bacteria and virus free:

Hospitals  ~ Hotels  ~ Cafes  ~ Restaurants  ~ Retail Shopping Centres and Stores  ~ Kitchens  ~  Strata ~ Apartments  ~ Commercial and Industrial Office Spaces  ~ Shared Workplaces  ~ Common Strata, Commercial Bin Rooms and Lifts  ~ Aged Care  ~ Childcare Facilities  ~ Schools and Educational Facilities  ~ Public  Spaces, Parks and Gardens ~ Construction Sites  ~ Health Clinics  ~ Veterinary  ~ Commercial Fleet Internal and External (Trucks and Cars) 

Our Products and Services:

Disinfection Cleaning Services  ~ Hand Sanitiser Stations and Signage  ~ Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitiser ~ Masks (including KN95) ~ Thermometers ~ Hazmat Suits ~ Alcohol-Based and Disinfectant Wipes ~ Automatic Desk and Free Standing Soap and Sanitiser Dispensers ~ Toilet Paper ~ and more.

SWS Disinfection Cleaning Services are fully operational. With rapid response and minimal downtime, our services are safe, bio-friendly and cost effective.