SWS Environmental Certification
SWS Integrated Management System (IMS) encompasses quality, health and safety, environmental management and is applied across our operations, to ensure we meet and where possible, exceed our operational and legislative requirements.

The system has been developed in compliance with Commonwealth, State and Local Legislation, Australian and International Standards and Industry Codes of Practice and is Quality (ISO9001), Safety (AS4801) and Environmentally (ISO14001) certified.

Our Commitment

SWS is committed to the development, implementation, execution and maintenance of environmental procedures and methods which address, comply with or meet the objectives of the relevant statutory and regulatory obligations, community environmental standards and expectations, ISO 14001, and specific project requirements.

SWS works closely with our clients to embrace the waste management hierarchy to “avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle and recover” and increase diversion of waste from landfill.

This commitment is supported by the implementation of suitable project specific environmental plan and controls and the appointment of suitable personnel responsible for the monitoring and adjustment of these environmental controls.

SWS Environmental Certification