SWS commitment to Sustainability is driven by the continuous improvement of our core sustainability principles and our long-term sustainability goals.

Business to Business

SWS embrace the philosophy and objective of a balanced business to business relationship.  Long term relationships allow SWS to invest in infrastructure and innovative solutions.  We acknowledge the minimum expectation for clients is to deliver on the scope of services committed.  Our commitment is to ensure both parties are working collaboratively and equally on the best outcomes for all parties.


SWS Integrated Management System (IMS) encompasses quality, health and safety, environmental management and is applied across our operations, to ensure we meet and where possible, exceed our operational and legislative requirements.

The system has been developed in compliance with Commonwealth, State and Local Legislation, Australian and International Standards and Industry Codes of Practice and is Quality (ISO9001), Safety (AS4801) and Environmentally (ISO14001) certified.

Social Responsibility

SWS commitment to Social Responsibility extends beyond business-as-usual, to identifying and implementing positive, including restorative, environmental, social and economic opportunities and legacies.

We are committed to Customer Service, Diversity and Inclusion,  Social Responsibility,  Health and Safety, Training and Education and Stakeholder Engagement.


SWS’s commitment to Corporate Responsibility starts with our role in ensuring our environment remains pristine and liveable, through Better Business Practices.

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of environmental management. As a leading service provider in Recycling and Waste Management, we are aware of the responsibility we have to manage our own environmental impacts, and by setting an example and encourage best practice throughout the industry.