Specialised Waste Services
Specialised Waste Services

SWS is able to arrange a comprehensive range of Specialised Waste services

The capabilities cover an extensive range of Commercial Pest Control, Liquid Waste Collection, Industrial Cleaning and High Power Vacuum Loading Services.

SWS can arrange safe, effective and efficient industrial services to cover a wide range of customer needs including: 


  • Non-destructive digging/potholing
  • Underground asset locating
  • Tank cleaning
  • Industrial vacuum loading
  • Culvert clearing
  • High-pressure water blasting
  • Industrial cleaning
  • CCTV drain and sewer line inspections
  • Drain and sewer line clearing
  • Gross pollutant spill management
Total Waste Management Solutions
SWS are keen to provide a Total Waste Management Solution for our clients.
  • Councils
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Hospitality