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We understand that our future depends on what we do with our present.

Bin Cleaning and Deodorising

We spray your bins with deodorizer, ensuring that your bin is hygienically cleaned and dried. All products Sydney Waste Services use in the effort to treat you bin are 100% biodegradable. Bin cleaning is an integral part of our service as it stops and prevents the attraction of rodents, ants, flies and maggots to the area. No only does the cleaning help on a hygiene level it also prevents the bins from looking dirty and smelling making your bin areas inoffensive and aesthetically pleasing.

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Council services

Sydney Waste Services will soon be offering council services to all local councils.

We have developed Waste Management solutions that we believe will assist councils with all their waste management plans.

We have incorporated waste reduction plans, collection and recycling services, as well as systems of educating the local communities on the benefits of a proper recycling system.

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commercial skip bins

Sydney Waste Services provide commercial skip bins. We also remove the bins when requested. For tyres and hazardous items (such as chemicals) that require specialized disposal and cannot be deposited in skip bins we can negotiate a solution that is viable for your company.

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monthly reporting

Sydney Waste Services can provide each of our clients with a monthly waste output report. This report outlines the waste collected over the month, and separates General waste figures from all forms of recycling figures. This assists our clients in understanding the waste they are producing and effective ways to minimize waste output. They can be provided in Kilograms, Cubic Metres & Tonnes. These reports are created in accordance with DECCW initiatives & Government Benchmarks suitable for large commercial buildings & heavy industries focusing on sustainability.

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Office Employees and their employers need basic instruction and guidance as to how a recycling plan will be introduced. People need to know how recycling is collected and taken to the holding areas in the dock. Informing people allows them to be proactive and take ownership of the process.
The professional demographic is the most active with recycling. Placing recycling bins in offices is only the start. When this demographic are informed positive results will follow. Giving a five to ten minute talk to all tenants within their collective work stations is all it takes. Each person needs an information sheet, and a laminated recycling instruction sheet should be placed on the wall in the recycling & waste areas.
Human interaction is a key element. Organising and informing people will make collection by cleaners quick & easy. Cleaners Practices will have to be re-aligned to suite the changed sustainable environment. Cleaners will need quick and basic training to allow them to follow through the recycling process. Facility managers need to recognise the following:
Separated resources need to be collected and placed in an ordered manner. The current practice is that waste is dumped in one place without any thought. As a consequence cleaners need the correct training and facility mangers need to make allowances for changing work practices within cleaner’s job descriptions.

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