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General Waste

Rear-lift bins are provided by Sydney Waste Services. They are a hygienic way to dispose of garbage and make it easier for our trucks to pick up. Also, the manageable size of these bins means no heavy pushing or lifting is required.

All our general waste is transported to an MRF Facility in Camelia operated by one of our partners.
The waste transported to the Camelia MRF diverts up to 90% of waste being brought in.

Bins are available in 120 to 660 litres, 1.5 to 4.5 cubic metre sized.

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Paper and Cardboard Recycling

We collect paper from 120 - 240 litre bins (Other bins sizes are also collected). For inside the office - under desk paper recycling boxes are available making day to day at desk recycling much easier. We ask that these boxes be emptied into the recycle bins provided for collection. All our paper and cardboard is transported to the Paper mill located at Amcor Paper recycling or likewise to Paper Trade Recycling. Sydney Waste Services also provide cardboard recycling services. We have specialized bin sizes for this service.

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Glass Recycling

Sydney Waste Services provide specialized bins for the collection of glass. We encourage the recycling of glass in all workplaces and have special safe ways of removing glass from your premises. We are also one of the few waste removals services that pride ourselves on being quiet and efficient in removal of glass. Glass accepted for recycling includes green, brown and other glass bottles and containers. Ceramics and window glass are not accepted in these collections.

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Dry Waste Recycling

Sydney Waste Services carries out Dry Waste Recycling.

Dry waste and all other recyclables can now be mixed together in the same clearly marked bin. The contents of these bins can include:

  • Paper, Cardboard, Newspapers, Magazines, Cereal Boxes and Cartons, etc
  • Glass, Tins, Cans, & Plastic Bottles, etc.
  • Plastic Film, Packaging & Bags, etc.
  • All other forms of Dry Waste

The dry waste is taken to a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF), where it is sorted and separated.

At this site, up to 90% of all materials collected, is being recycled and converted into reusable resources and diverted away from landfill.

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Co-Mingled Recycling

Sydney Waste Services also has bins that incorporate many types of waste mixed together such as the collection of glass, cans, cartons, Tetra Paks, and plastic bottles with the recycling code of 1, 2, 3 and/or the R symbol. Both 120L and 240L bins can be supplied for co-mingle recycling. All Co-mingle recycling collected is transported to VISY collection points spread across Sydney.

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Food and Organics Recycling

We collect all food waste in 240 and 660 litre bins. The facility that processes this waste accepts fresh produce, meat, poultry, sea foods, bakery items, delicatessen products, dairy, dry products, drinks and or cordials, grease, fats and oils. You can be sure with Sydney Waste Services that we not only care about the pick-up of your waste but the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of it as well.

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Fluorescent Tube Recycling

Sydney Waste Services employ a unique system that allows us to recycle Fluorescent Tubes. The system removes the dangerous mercury and then crushes the glass and aluminum. When this process is completed Sydney Waste Services will recycle all the glass, aluminum, and mercury. We will then issue a certificate verifying that your tubes have been fully recycled.

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Battery Recycling

We will deliver Flat packed battery boxes to your site. Once filled, Sydney Waste Services will collect the box and transport it to a specialist e-waste battery recycling facility where the batteries will be sorted into their respective technologies. The Nickel-cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium-ion components in rechargeable batteries can all be recycled. Metal Components in single-use batteries such as silver, iron and mercury can also be recovered.

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Printer Cartridge Recycling

With an estimated 2.5 million toner cartridges being used annually in Australia, up to 80% end up as landfill. At Sydney Waste Services, all toner cartridges are now being recycled. We will supply you with a box for the cartridges to be placed in. Once filled, we will collect the boxes and transport them to a facility where trained and specialized staff sort, dismantle and evaluate the cartridges. If the cartridges are not suitable for re-manufacturing, they will be directed into the recycle chain. If they can be re-manufactured, they will go through the rebuilding, refilling and further testing processes. The end product will be sold to the public as re-manufactured cartridges.

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Cooking Oils Recycling

Sydney Waste Services provides a collection of used cooking oils. The collection is carried out from both the retail and commercial. Sydney Waste Services brings a professional and innovative approach to the Used Cooking Oil industry.

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Grease Traps and Liquid Waste

Sydney Waste Services remove all liquid, grease trap and other hazardous waste. All you have to do is contact us.

We will take care of items such as;

  • Grease Traps
  • Arrestors (both wastesafe, and non-wastesafe )
  • Septic Tanks
  • Many other hazardous & non-hazardous liquid wastes. Please contact us to find out how we can help solve your waste management needs.

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Secure Document Destruction

Do you have waste that contains sensitive information? Sydney Waste Services provide shredding of all types of documents and records. We will also supply you with bins and a quick and efficient pick up service - all with guaranteed security.

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