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We understand that our future depends on what we do with our present.

Recycling Process

Our ultimate goals here, at Sydney Waste Services are sustainability, the latest and most advanced technologies and saving our clients' money. This is why every day all our staff, as well as management, devote substantial amounts of time  into the research & development of new, innovative and cutting-edge technologies which will, not only, ultimately advances our operations and recycling processes, but will also be simultaneously cutting our customers waste which would otherwise end up as landfill - and thus save them money.

Sydney Waste Services currently employs a number of electronics recycling facilities which are optimising our recycled output.

All facilities are capable of processing Cardboard, Paper, Plastics, & Dry Commercial Waste. This means we save more than 90% of waste from becoming landfill.

Sydney Waste Services supports our customer’s valuable contribution to our delicate environment in any way possible.

Our Environmental Management plan allows staff to continually monitor, identify, and assess workplace environmental risks.


Electronic Waste Recycling Services In Sydney

Educational Stickers & Large Posters

Sydney Waste Services also provide all of our clients with educational posters and signage that can be used to promote effective recycling methods. This assists organisations in achieving 5 Star Nabers Ratings.

The educational signage clearly identifies what may and may not go into the bins by means of identifiable pictures and information on each stream.

Materials Recycling Process – Facility

Materials are dropped off at a Recycling Facility used by Sydney Waste Services.


Materials are placed onto a Conveyor Belt, where they are sorted and separated.

Dampening of the Original Waste Material and removal of large recyclable items such as large pieces of cardboard.


Material travels down the conveyor belt to the Large Industrial Baler.

Material is converted into Baled Recycled Material. This may now be reused, or alternatively exported for recycling uses.


Materials - Baled

Sydney Waste Baled Cans Sydney Waste Baled Cardboard Sydney Waste Baled Paper Sydney Waste Baled Plastic Bags Sydney Waste Baled Plastic Bottles